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team score problem in UDK

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I am part of a team making a mod for UDK. the basic idea is that you start out with 500 points and lose 100 every time you die (when you get to 0 you cant spawn) and when you make it to a volume you "deposit" your points into your team's points the problem is that while I found the variable(s) that control the scores for the player and teams I cant seam to change them in ways that are helpful. there is no way I can see to change them in kismit. and I cant seam to even make a kismet function myself to change the team score. all I need is a node that has two inputs, player score and team number, and then changes teams[teamnumber].score to add the player score to it. I tried using but I cant seam to make it link correctly. any ideas? or even any ideas on how to make a function in unrealscript trigger when a volume is hit, or even beter a kismet event to change team score?

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