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Spaceship Sounds

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-XM-    182
Hey everyone! I'm looking for some real good spaceship sounds... I'm needing sounds of a ship accelerating, slowing down, staying idle etc. I'm hoping to loop some of the sounds so whenever the user has the accelerator button down it'll always make a sound like it's going. I've been looking around the web for ages now trying to find some royalty free clips, but I've had no luck.... figured you guys might have something in mind :D Thanks for your time!

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nsmadsen    5584

A few ideas:

Some sites have an a la carte method where you can browse and purchase a license to use that asset. Prices (and quality frankly) will vary greatly. would be one example.

Another approach would be to hire someone to make these sounds for you. This might be a better option as you could actually have input and get sounds that would be a better fit and more unified overall.

Best of luck,


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