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Technique name from D3DXHANDLE

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Hey there. I am a little stuck on what may just be a simple query. Here is hoping that someone out there in land can help. I have a D3DXHANDLE it's a handle for a D3DXEffect technique, from this handle I need to be able to reverse lookup the technique name. I am doing this so that I can link up artist friendly technique names (string) to an index in an array of initialized techniques. All techniques for an effect are created at init time and parsed with FindNextValidTechnique() which returns the handle only having no concept of technique name. Aside from this I could create the techniques using GetTechniqueByName("Artist friendly name") only as they are required. In this case I need to dyn-realloc my technique arrays whenever a new technique is required, all issues aside I would rather not do this, especially if there is a simple solution to get the technique name from a handle. Thanks for any advice you can supply!

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