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[SlimDX] - Direct2D Off-screen rendering

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Hi there, I am pretty new to DirectX and SlimDX and trying with the Sample code provided with the SlimDX. I am trying to render couple of polygons using Direct2D in off-screen mode and stream out the image imagerated. My question is, Is there anyway I can get the byte array of the image rendered from the Target so that I can encode and stream out the image. I am able to do this using Windows API Pack and Windows Image Component. Since our other projects are using SlimDX I would like to stick to it. Below is the part of the code I am trying.
 protected override void OnRender()

            BitmapRenderTarget bmpTarget = Context2D.RenderTarget.CreateCompatibleRenderTarget();
            foreach (var geometry in _geometryList)
                bmpTarget.FillGeometry(geometry, _brush);


            //How do I get the byte array from bmpTarget and Endcode into a png image.

Thanks in advance.

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