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marggg    100
Hi, This is my first time posting. I'm trying to figure out how to approach a project. I want to create a multiplayer, online learning game for students. The back end would be a simple database for multiple-chose questions and answers, and student statistics. This would be a text game, no moving graphics or sounds. Think Trivial Pursuit or Jeopardy but online and multiplayer. Although I work as an educator, my last career was in sw development, but never for an online or multiplayer environment. I've done websites, but they were simple and didn't have databases. My question is, where do I start to figure out the multiplayer and database pieces?

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Antheus    2409
multiple-chose questions and answers

- Google for survey software. Most are services, but there should be a few downloadable versions as well.
- Install and configure
- Profit

Alternatively, in case of any ??? in the above, any old LAMP stack, Ruby on Rails or similar should provide.

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hplus0603    11356
First, figure out why you couldn't use surveymonkey or zoomerang.
If you could: problem solved :-)
Second, articulate what is "multiplayer" about the game. Is there interaction? How? In real time?
Third, figure out the right technology to support those requirements.
Fourth, learn the technology and implement the system.

It may be that you need an interactive web technology like Flash or Unity plug-in, just because of your multi-player interaction requirements. Or it may be that some javascript and AJAX talking to a PHP script that stores data in MySQL is all you need. However, you won't know until you've gathered sufficient requirements, and mapped them to capabilities of the system.

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