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Development Tool for Arm Cortex A8

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When it comes to multimedia, there is no good tool. There is no Cortex A8.

Each silicon vendor who has licensed the ARM Cortex-A8 has implemented their own multimedia stack. You will need to go to the silicon vendor and get (probably under NDA license terms) their BSP (board support package) and write to that. This will give you their hardware codecs and hardware rendering.

There are higher-level abstractions you can write your software to: if you target Android, for example, you can usually get an Android-based BSP from the silicon vendor. You need to realize that, like the Cortex A8, Android is not Android. You need to get the Android specific to the silicon you're working with. The 'generic' Google android should be good enough for most app testing and will run under, for example, QEMU, but good luck with the multimedia support there.

The ARM world is not the x86 world. The silicon vendors are not interested in hobbyists or software, they're interested in bulk sales to ODMs who are interested in bulk sales to OEMS and telcos. Microsoft does not support ARM hardware.

If you want a good Cortex-A8 dev system, look into the TI Beagleboard. TI has gone the open source route.

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