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Space Shooter Almost Ready

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Alright, I must really be a beginner because I don’t even understand half the posts in the Beginner’s forums. Anyways, almost done my first game (inside Game Maker 8) – I’m doing the graphics, music, and ‘programming’. It’s Space Invaders meets Side Arms except it scrolls upwards; not looking to break new ground but rather demonstrate some ability to work on these kinds of projects. Some Animation Sprites : More graphics: Loading Screen: Questions: 1) Any advice on what’s the best way to get the game ‘out there?’ 2) Quality feedback – anyone have a favourite spot to find it? 3) Anyone here parlayed their Game Maker experience into a paying job? Or for that matter made money off selling their creation(s)? Thank you for your patience in giving me answers that my headachy brain could’ve probably searched for if it wasn’t so wiped out. Kyle PS. Sorry for the links being cut n paste...

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