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So I have an IronPython SlimDX sample...

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Yeah, almost a year ago, this happened: Then today, this happened:
import clr
from System.Drawing import *
import SlimDX
from SlimDX.Windows import *
from SlimDX.Direct3D9 import *
Form = RenderForm()
Device = Device(Direct3D(), 0, DeviceType.Hardware, Form.Handle, CreateFlags.HardwareVertexProcessing, PresentParameters())
def Main():
    Device.Clear(ClearFlags.Target | ClearFlags.ZBuffer, Color.Black.ToArgb(), 1.0, 0)
SlimDX.Windows.MessagePump.Run(Form, Main)

I don't know much if anything about how DirectX does things, nor .NET, so there could be some things that need optimizing, but it runs fine for me. Since it's been quite a while, what more esoteric languages do you think could have an example written up in?

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