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OpenGL OpenGL and Xvid/theora/anything??

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Hi All, I hope this is the right forum... I'm currently learning game development using the DarkPlaces engine. What I'm working on is nothing special. In fact, it's just an experiment for me really. At the moment, I'm struggling with playing video in the game itself. For example, a developer logo at the start of the game. I've looked around and found various examples, but most of them were using Win32 lib's, which of course aren't cross-compatible. I understand that as I am only experimenting here, that even getting video to play in windows would be enough, however with DarkPlaces being cross platform, I'd like to keep it that way. Is there anyone here that can push me in the right direction, or offer any examples etc? I have already downloaded the xvid source, and libtheora. In fact, I also downloaded the "liboggplayer" that I found on this site. I'm just at a loss as to how to implement it. Thanks in advance for any help. Regards, Dave

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Hi V-Man,

Thankyou for replying :)

Okay, i'm looking in the darkplaces engine at the moment, and there is already a command for play video. At the moment this is used to play a .dpv file (DarkPlacesVideo), which is basically a string of tga's with no audio.

Anyways, looking into this, I found "cl_video_start"

static void cl_video_start( void )
int i;
clvideo_t *video;

cl_videotexturepool = R_AllocTexturePool();

for( video = cl_videos, i = 0 ; i < cl_num_videos ; i++, video++ )
if( video->state != CLVIDEO_UNUSED && !video->suspended )
LinkVideoTexture( video );

I followed the "LinkVideoTexture" call, and found this:

static void LinkVideoTexture( clvideo_t *video ) {
video->cpif.tex = R_LoadTexture2D( cl_videotexturepool, video->cpif.name,
video->cpif.width, video->cpif.height, NULL, TEXTYPE_BGRA, TEXF_PERSISTENT | TEXF_ALLOWUPDATES, NULL );
R_MakeTextureDynamic( video->cpif.tex, VideoUpdateCallback, video );
CL_LinkDynTexture( video->cpif.name, video->cpif.tex );

Is this basically doing the same? Obviously, I don't want to go creating a new GL texture if this already does it.



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