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Ortho Projection Without D3DX??

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Try this :

    D3DMATRIX7 d3dMatrix;

    float fAspect = ((float)dwHeight)/((float)dwWidth);
    float fTemp = (sinf(fFOV/2.0f) / (sinf(fFOV/2.0f) * fZoom));

    float w = fAspect * fTemp;
    float h = fTemp;

    d3dMatrix._11 = w;
    d3dMatrix._22 = h;
    d3dMatrix._33 = 0.0f;
    d3dMatrix._43 = 1.0f;

    lpD3DDevice->SetTransform(D3DTRANSFORMSTATE_PROJECTION, &d3dMatrix);

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for example, like me, not using M$ VC++ with DirectX, so D3DX utility lib may not compile correctly...

it''s sad for non-M$ VC++ users...

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Thanks for the help, guys. To double check, though, my matrix should simplify to something that looks like this (right?):

[ ar*q 0 0 0 ]

[ 0 q 0 0 ]

[ 0 0 0 0 ]

[ 0 0 1 1 ]

q = 1 / fzoom
ar = dwHeight / dwWidth

I needed it because I am working in d3dim, and didn''t want to have to deal with the overhead from d3dx if I was just taking one orthographic projection matrix.
Thanks again.


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Guest Anonymous Poster
Umm, what overhead?

D3DX is just a static lib providing some convenience functions. It doesn''t add any overhead to your code. A good linker will only include the functions you actually use into the exe file, so if you only use D3DXOrthoMatrix (whatever it''s called), then that is the only part of D3DX that will be included in yuor exe file.

D3DX is nothing like the old D3DRM if that''s what you think.

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