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Next Release

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Hey ho. I am interested as to when the next version of PortaLib will be released. From what I understand from other posts, it will have even better support for animations, and selecting multiple animations. Will there be support for adding models together to create originality? Ie A base model, to add things on to such as a hat, or clothes or etc etc I'm so damned impatient =) I'd quite like to get my hands on this new release, it's amazing how hard it can be to get good resources on loading and animating from a file Thank you kindly, Dachande Edited by - dachande on August 9, 2001 10:30:12 PM

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I''m wary of giving a timeframe. The one I originally gave for this was about a month ago

I''m honestly swamped with stuff at the moment and its not looking like letting up. But yes, the next release should have such features. It does mean a rewrite of the model code altogether though.

If anyone has ideas of how to implement it I''m happy to accept short descriptions. I''ll take all into consideration. I''d have no trouble going on and doing it, but it may not be what everyone wants...

Brett Porter
PortaLib3D : A portable 3D game/demo libary for OpenGL

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That sounds great Shame you have a life to be getting on with to :p

If you searching for what people want out of a next release, I can only speak for myself, but here goes.

The ability to load a common model format, that can be created in Milkshape (I love Milkshape, it''s so handy), which contains multiple animations. When it comes down to it, I''m not too fussy how this one is acheived, ie by referencing 2 key frames for a milk shape model, or having a new format which contains multiple animations by nature.

Next up would be the ability to append models to models. Like in my example above, something like... conecting a hat model to human model, so that the hat stays on the humas''s head wherever it moves...

That whole lot sounds kinda stupid, I know, considering you know all that already, but I''m reiterating.

Now, I''m shite for giving ideas for how this stuff can be done, since I''m unfortuntaely new to 3d programming/OpenGl, I''ve always stuck to apps or 2d..
The first point you have under control I''m sure, right?

With the second bit.. I guess you would mess with the file loaded in memory, to add new vertices, and connect them to a joint, right? .....right?!
Genesis3d (http://www.genesis3d.com) has the ability to join things together as far as I know, maybe the good ol guys on the forums there can help, or you can wonder around the genesis source code to figure it out yourself, but I don''t suppose that sounds like much fun..

Anyways, I''m done sputtering out useless sentences, I think I''ll leave this kinda thing to the experienced 3D''ers

Sorry for wasting your time :D


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Guest Anonymous Poster


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