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Animation without BitBlt or Controls?

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Hi, can anyone help? I am making a game and I need to animate my sprite moving. I am not using any BitBlt API or anything like that. I have a set of 10 images that need to be used for the animation. Whenever I press the up key the sprite sholud animate going up and when I relsease the key it should stop animating right away. Is there a possible way I can do this? Thanks a bunch.

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As long as you know how to actually display an image, it should be easy. Animation just requires you to draw one frame of animation, wait a certain amount of time, and draw the next frame. Nothing too complicated in that.

If your animation is supposed to last long and has a small number of frames, then use a larger period wait between switching frames. If your animation is smoother with more frames in it, then use a shorter period.

You should be able to figure it out from there. Basically the game has to have some way of knowing whether sprite is actually being animated. For your case, your sprite could have some kind of flag which determines whether the animation is running or not. You also need to keep track of which frame of animation is currently being drawn. The animation would start at frame 0, and then every so much time the frame gets incremented by 1 which tells the game to draw the next frame. The actual images it uses would be depending on which direction your sprite was facing (judging by your post, I''m assuming your sprite can face more than one direction). When the user pressed a movement key, the game sets the sprite''s animation flag to 1, and when the user releases the key, it gets set to 0 which causes the game to stop the animation. Once the current animation frame reaches the actual number of frames, it needs to be reset to 0 to start over again.

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