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Almost done, need more help with alpha blend

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Alright, I almost figured this out. I narrowed down where the problem probably is. And I''m using old DX7.
  for (int rowcount = 0; rowcount < rows; rowcount++)
		for (int columncount = 0; columncount < columns; columncount++)
			//tile number


			//texture coordinates

			//we must skip one pixel so colomn/row count is doubled when adding

			recSearch.left = (TileDim * columncount) + columncount;
			recSearch.top = (TileDim * rowcount) + rowcount;			
			recSearch.right = (TileDim * (columncount+1)) + columncount;
			recSearch.bottom = (TileDim * (rowcount+1)) + rowcount;
This is my for my regions, which I actually don''t use in their RECT form. The image is 65x65. TileDim = 65 (height AND width of the image, and yes, it is 65x65).

			//grab pitch and surface pointer


			//loop through pixels

			for(x=recSearch.left;x<(recSearch.left + TileDim -1);x++)
				for(y=recSearch.top;y<(recSearch.top + TileDim -1);y++)
This is the actual alpha blending loop. I know some figure is off somewhere. But for the life of me I can''t figure out what. Oh, and the surface that is being written to is 64x64 (has to be divisable by 32). However recSearch.left (0) to recSearch.left + TileDim -1 (64) should be ok... First I tried without an alpha mask in the texture. Then it displayed almost nothing. Then I tried with an alpha mask. The program actually displayed everything BUT the transparent colour. Can anyone lend a hand? Please? --gmx

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?? Looks like you lost half your code when u posted, anyway check out the DDraw7 alpha blending tutorial within GameDev.net for the Alpha code. To clear a surface you dont have to clear each pixel manually, use LPDDSurface->Blt() and specify the COLORFILL flag (Check the SDK help and samples for usage).

  Downloads:  ZeroOne Realm

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Sorry, I didn''t specify this - I am using DirectDraw surfaces with a Direct3D-based engine. Basically, textured triangles. Using colourfill won''t work.

And I left out the alpha blend code because I KNOW that works. I am thinking its either my region code or my loop code (not what is inside the loop, the loop itself).


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