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TGA and Gimp?

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I''m trying to make targa images to be loaded into my program using the origional .tga loading code from one of nehe''s tuts (this isn''t the code that supports compression). When I use the Gimp and save images, they are somehow corrupted. Gimp can open them, but nehe''s code won''t. I''m not compressing the images, so that''s not the problem, but I have no idea what the problem is. Has anyone had any experience with this?

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Do you have an Alpha channel (32 bits/pixel)? If you are, that''s where the problem is, because, as I remember, he didn''t properly if/then/else it such that it''d handle RGB and RGBA.

You''ll need to find where he codes in GL_RGB and replace it with GL_RGBA. In each function you do that, there''s another parameter in the function call that is 3; change that 3 to 4 and you should be set. *crosses fingers*

~ Dragonus

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check the TGA file spec for info on whats happening

struct TGAImageHeader
GLubyte id; // the number of bytes in image ID (comes after imageDescription) + before the actual image data
GLubyte colormap;
GLubyte imageType;
GLubyte colormapSpec[5];

GLubyte xOrigin[2];
GLubyte yOrigin[2];
GLubyte width[2];
GLubyte height[2];
GLubyte bitDepth;
GLubyte imageDescription;


// skip past the id field (if there is one)
for ( i=0; iid; i++ )

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Maybe this is a stupid question, but where do you find specs like that? Is there some central repository where all the formats for images and animations and stuff are kept?

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