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Smooth camera movement ?

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how to make smooth camera movment ??? I store my camera data like this: float x, y, z , pitch, yaw struct waypoint { float x,y,z,yaw,pitch,speed }; waypoint waypoints[max_waypoints] i save the waypoints in a file but i don''t know how to interpolate them, or how to make bezier patches from this coordinates ??? any source or help ???

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There are many methods of interpolating between two values.
Latelly I started to use Bezier curves. They are very easy to code and let you control the path of camera/objects/whatever you need. For more info look for bezier curves.
You can also visit my tutorial - in polish language (might be still helpfull, also working code included)
at the bottom you will find a link to am example program (src+exe).
Example program uses ddraw 640x480x32bit mode. Check the DrawBezier function in engine.cpp - that''s what interests you.
program keys:
"1"-1 bezier curve
"2"-2 bezier curves
"3"-properly connected two bezier curves for smooth movement
(fifth point is placed according to third point position)

"+" and "-" allows you to change the number of points generated on a curve.

Hope it helps.

With best regards,
Mirek Czerwiñski

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you can use the accumulation buffer to make a motion blur animation. For more information, read the topic "accumulation
buffer" in Redbook (Chapter 10 "FrameBuffer").

If you need sample source codes, you can mail me.


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