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I am writing something that requires that I know not only the 680x0 opcodes, but also the machine code they turn into. I can''t find a document that has this information. Please tell me if you know where I can get it. Dave2001,

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err ?!

I've got the information in printed form from years back when I was doing 68K stuff, unfortunately not in binary. Its not so simple as a single binary code for each assembly instruction though - the registers used, addressing mode ((ax) offs(ax), offs(pc,dx.s), etc) , size (.b, .w, .l) all affect the binary code

Actually I just went to the Motorola website, it only took a few seconds to find the following site:

For Product or Technology select "Microcontrollers/Microprocessors"

For Family or Function select "32-Bit (68K, ColdFire, C-Port, MCore, PowerPC, ARM)"

For Sub-Family or Sub-Function select "68K M680X0"

Then select specific CPU (if required), and which documentation you require (Reference Manual is probably what you're after).

Simon O'Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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