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some pointers if they are needed pls

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I am currently involved in a rather large project and I get to do the modeling of the worlds characters. Im not exactly the most skilled modeler so I am going to ask for any pointers that i might use to make things better. this is the beginings of a dragon that I am making. it is 192 polies thus far which is far more than i intended. Im just wondering if there is anything you guys, the experienced ones would recomend i go do. I know little of 3d so this is the first organic ish model I have tried to do.
I am not text, I am not organized pixels, I am not killed by turning off your monitor, I am not isolated by turning off your computer. I just am.

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i think its coming along nicely... if youre curious about what might be done to enhance the dragon so far, just keep in mind that a classical dragon have very distinguished brow lines and their bottom jaw extends as far as the top snout. ( dont relaly know what kind of dragon you are going for however.) the best thing to study for animals and people are still images so you can understand their anatomy... you cant draw something you cant conceptualize in your head... so if you are drawing a unique creature, think to yourself, "do i want his musculature to be like such and such an animal... do i want their joints to be cocked the opposite way.."etc. humans are a bit easier, they are just a bunch of boxes and cylinders. two things i suggest you do before modelling anything in detail are.
A) make a model of what the figure is going to look like usind general shapes (ex. spheres boxes cones etc) try to keep the complexity of the shapes to a minimum, or
B) sketch a (detailed if necessary) front side and back/top view of your character on paper. if you know exactly what your model is supposed to look like your modelling time will be drastically reduced.

if you are asking for more technical ways to develop such curves and the such with the actual software, then i guess i havent helped you out at all, but you werent very specific about what you needed advice for... so i hope this helped. good luck with it

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