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Zeblar Nagrim

Advanced 3ds file question

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I have made a 3DStudio file importer. I can load almost all objects but some have missing faces. I think I have read all chunks but maybe I dont (I read in the whole file one time and after I have searched the chuck-tree I check the filesize and it is the same as the number of bytes read by the algoritmh)... The file that show up bad in my program is a halflife model that I have found on internet. It may have been created with face strips and that may be the problem. There for I ask: Is it possible to create a opimized object with 3dsmax4 and get Vertex Strip data instead of Vertex List data ie. 4 vertex = 2 faces. If it is. What chunk tells me that? Thousend thanks. (sorry for the poor english) Zeblar Nagrim, Lord of Chaos

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