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need help with drawing text...

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I cant seem to be able to get the bitmaped fonts to work in full screen mode. Work great in windowed. I got the 2d texture fonts working good, but they only stay one size and i cant seem to find a way to get them bigger. I tried the 3d outline fonts, but i couldnt control them! They were out of control, going where ever they wanted, those punks! ok anyways, any idea why bitmapped fonts wouldnt work in fullscreen and is there any way to control the stupid 3d outline fonts?! Also, i find it very hard to combine things from different tutorials in one project and have the outcome look good. The code works fine, but the way it comes out is not what i want. Like if i want to have a scrolling background, and text scrolling or whatever, it doesnt seem to work good...all messed up. There should be some tutorials on how to combine different things and control many things at once in the Draw function.

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I''d ask myself these questions and try checking them first.

FullScreen Issue:
1. What procedure do you use for your OnResize command?
2. Are you going directly to fullscreen before creating the DC or are you going after it has been initialized?

Outline Fonts:
I can''t help there, sorry.

Combining Tutorials:
Print out the source or compare it on screen for each tut, then examine the creation and setup of each GL instance.

Does one enable blending where the other does not, etc.? You''ll have to do this as a state before each function...


More or less you''ll have to pull out the state code that each tut uses on startup and insert it into it''s own functions. Also be aware of size. One object may be 1 unit in size while then next is 400. Thus, it''s clipped and never seen.

Best of luck,

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Well, i just use the exact tutorial NeHe has made. I downloaded it streight from the site and ran it. I made 0 changes to it. I got to thinking it may be my system, but if its me, then how many other people have this problem and why? I''m running on a Voodoo 3 3000 AGP, not overclocked or anything. All video settings for openGL are set to default for stablization. So i am doing whatever NeHe has coded. Maybe you can give me some pointers on how to change the code to work right?

I did get it to not crash, i combined it with some other drawing code i had that drew a triangle and some shapes from a file, but the text never showed up and the screen flashed, the shapes would flash on and off, slowly every other second or so. I was still able to use the F1 and ESC keys, but i had to hold them down. It was like the code was in a loop and it was eating memory. Anyway to put in some kind of command like the DoEvents in visual basic?

I tried to combine the tutorials that way i added, rearranged and fixed code from one to be able to put it in another, but i still dont get good results, like i had a box, and it was textured and i wanted the screen to be inside the box and have the text scroll, or mabe fade in / out but i couldnt use bitmaped fonts so i tried 3d fonts and they wouldnt show up...i figured out they were realy realy BIG! So i tried to make them smaller, but couldnt get it. Anyways, i am working with the 2d texture fonts, but i cant seem to get any fade affects on them. I tried a for loop to change the color

for (bColor=1.0f; bColor>0.0f;bColor-=0.01f)

then some more stuff;

This would not work at all.

Any idea why? it was in my draw scene code. I tried to add a delay but it delayed the whole scene. is there a way to slow objects down without slowing the whole screen down? lame question, but when i run the 2d textured fonts tut, the text goes way way fast.

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