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SlimDX June 2010 Released

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That's right! SlimDX June 2010 release is out!

Please look for the survey. Its like finding Waldo, except we want you to do it. Promit tells me there is one. If you find it, please feel free to email Promit with the link, as he'd like to know where it is too.
Of course there's an amazing survey, despite Washu's long dog. -- Promit

This release's theme is "in with the new and out with the old!". In that vein we've removed all support for anything pre .net 4.0 on Windows 8. Sorry guys, its DX12+ only from now on! Also shaders have been deprecated for x86 assembly on the larrabee, because everyone knows that the x86 architecture is a superior architecture! Finally it's x64 only from now on, if you're using x86/32bit: so sorry, too bad!1

This release focused on filling in existing APIs and adding missing functionality. In addition to implementing most of DirectWrite and ensuring that Direct3D 11 support was feature complete, the June 2010 release also refactored shared shader and effect functionality into a common D3DCompiler namespace. Several new samples were added to showcase advanced interop features, and a .NET 4.0 build was added, along with VS 2010 support. On top of these additions, the usual array of bug fixes and feature enhancements were made to continue improving the stability of the SlimDX library.

Release Notes (SVN)

A big shout out to legalize for his DWrite contributions, thanks for all the fish!


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