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Ode and Ogre Paged terrain

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I have been trying for weeks now to get Ode to work nicely with the paged terrain system on Ogre and I have nothing to show for it. I don't even know if the methods I am using to access the data Ode needs is even correct.

f32 worldSize = 0.0;
f32 test = 0.0;
u32 size = 0;
TerrainGroup::TerrainIterator ti = _terrainGroup->getTerrainIterator();
Terrain* t = ti.getNext()->instance;
size += t->getSize();
if(t->getMaxHeight() > _max_height)
_max_height = t->getMaxHeight();
//worldSize += t->getWorldSize();
worldSize = _terrainGroup->getTerrainWorldSize();

dHeightfieldDataID heightid = dGeomHeightfieldDataCreate();
dGeomHeightfieldDataBuildCallback( heightid, //getSpaceID(space),
this, // pUserData ?
(dReal) (worldSize), //X
(dReal) (worldSize), //Z
size, // w // Vertex count along edge >= 2
size, // h // Vertex count along edge >= 2
REAL( 1.0 ), //scale
REAL( 0.0 ), // vOffset
10.0f, // vThickness
0); // nWrapMode

// Give some very bounds which, while conservative,
// makes AABB computation more accurate than +/-INF.
dGeomHeightfieldDataSetBounds( heightid, REAL( 0.0 ), _max_height );
_geom = dCreateHeightfield( getSpaceID(space), heightid, 1 );

As you can see I am iterating through the terrain group to get data on each piece (4 terrains) of terrain. I am getting height data back when my "PagedTerrainGeometry::_heightCallback" is called using:

_terrainGroup->getHeightAtWorldPosition(position.x, position.y, position.z);

Does anyone know of what I should be looking at, or does anyone see something I am forgetting, am I giving it the right data.

Has anyone implemented collision on paged terrain using Ode or Bullet yet?


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Yes of course, but no one has replied and very rarely ever reply to any of my posts. I have 5 up there now that has not been touched.

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The Ogre3D forum is pretty crowded so if you are not getting replies there then you should consider re-formulating your post/question. You need to make a very clear question to get good replies (in general when posting to message boards).

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