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Need guidance

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As you probably guessed, I need some help. My goal is to make a simple fully functional 2d/3d game with tools/editors (prefferably with directx or opengl). I simply can't find any tutorials on how to make tools for your games. As for my background - I have been programming C++ for over 2 years, and have read a couple of books on C++ game programming lately. I also started learning C# - so I have some idea of whats going on in C#.

I wanted to buy some books if possible on the topic. For now I'm thinking of ordering Luna's introduction to 3d game programming with directx 10, Game Coding Complete or 3d game engine programming for later on. Do you think opengl would be a better choice?

Thanks in advance,
Ivelin Penchev

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The right choice between OpenGL and Direct3D depends on your specific project. I think there are a lot of discussions about this on the net (here an article on GameDev.net). Look for something like "OpenGL vs Direct3D"...
I personally use OpenGL because I work on different platforms and never had any problems with it. You have to think about which OS you are going to support, but that's not the only criteria (read the article or other sources). I think (not sure!) that most professional games used to support Direct3D only, and now they use more and more both Dircet3D and OpenGL.

I can't recommend you any books because I learnt almost everything on the net... I learned a lot with gametutorials.com, but the tutorials used to be free. http://nehe.gamedev.net/ is also very informative (OpenGL).

About the tools/editors: I think you can't find a tutorial about that because it is very specific. A game editor or tool is just a normal application that you write like any other. So if you know a GUI library (maybe Windows API) you can program your editor. I'm rewriting my editor and I think I will use wxWidgets or Qt. Try to design your game engine in a way that you can reuse it for the editor.

Hope this helps a bit

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