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OpenGL gluUnProject with JOGL -java

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Hi everyone,
I searched the forum but I couldnt find the solutions. So I want to explain my problem maybe someone help me.I am using JOGL (Opengl bindings for Java) I want to get the world coordinates from the mouse click. I create a terrain. When I click somewhere.I will find the real position on the terrain. so I cant find the nearest point.

my init function()

public void init(GLAutoDrawable drawable) {

gl = drawable.getGL();// get the current GL object
glu = new GLU // get the current GLU object

gl.glEnable (GL.GL_RGB);// single buffer always in JOGL, RGB color mode
gl.glClearColor(1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f, 0.0f); // set display window color to white

/* Set mode for constructing geometric transformation matrix. */

gl.glMatrixMode (GL.GL_MODELVIEW);
glu.gluLookAt (100,100,100, -10,-10,-10,0,0,1);

// set parameters for world-coordinate clipping window

gl.glLoadIdentity(); // sets projection matrix to identity
gl.glFrustum (xwMin, xwMax, ywMin, ywMax, dnear, dfar); // set frustum (-100,-100,100,100,45,125)


and I use this codes in display function


this is the my function wich find the value of world coordinate system

public void FindMousePoint(GL gl,int x,int y)

gl.glGetIntegerv(GL.GL_VIEWPORT, viewport, 0);
gl.glGetDoublev(GL.GL_MODELVIEW_MATRIX, mvmatrix, 0);
gl.glGetDoublev(GL.GL_PROJECTION_MATRIX, projmatrix, 0);
/* note viewport[3] is height of window in pixels */
realy = viewport[3] - (int) y ;

System.out.println("Coordinates at cursor are (" + x + ", " + realy);

FloatBuffer fb=ByteBuffer.allocateDirect(4).order(ByteOrder.nativeOrder()).asFloatBuffer();

gl.glReadPixels(y, realy, 1, 1, GL.GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT, GL.GL_FLOAT, fb);

glu.gluUnProject((double)x (double)realy,0,mvmatrix,0,projmatrix,0,viewport,0,wcoordnear,0);
System.out.println("World coords at z=0.0 are ( " //
+ wcoordnear[0] + ", " + wcoordnear[1] + ", " + wcoordnear[2]
+ ")");

glu.gluUnProject((double) x, (double) realy, 1.0, //
mvmatrix, 0,
projmatrix, 0,
viewport, 0,
wcoordFar, 0);
System.out.println("World coords at z=1.0 are (" //
+ wcoordFar[0] + ", " + wcoordFar[1] + ", " + wcoordFar[2]
+ ")");


I dont know it is wrong way or not.

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