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The Beginning

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Hi comrades,

The name is Strelok, and I'm going right to the point. I want to push my hobby forward and work in a game concept I have. Not alone, but first I have to learn the things.

The only problem is that I don't know where to start.
The concept is a very simple 2D Tactical RPG. But I don'k know any programming language, and I'm not an artist. I'm a writer. I don't even know theorically how to make an mapgrid for an 2D engine. But I want to learn everything here.

So I want to start from the very beginning of all this.
First pinking up an programming language to learn such as VB6 or C# and studying it until mastering.
But I don't even know what means API or SDK or these other acronyms. Could you help me comrades? Can you guide me?

I would appreciate your help.

Thanks in advice,


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I'm afraid I'm not good at long, in-depth posts, but I know lots of people on here are, and hopefully can give you something better than this.

API - Application Programming Interface (I think?) It's sort of a collection of related functions which build around something. So Win32 is an API for windows, SDL is a 2D graphics API.

SDK - Software Development Kit. The collection of libraries and header files and the like to actually create something. Very often you don't need this, unless it's DirectX or XNA or Unity or the Unreal one.

Firstly, 'mastering' a programming language takes years.
Secondly, I haven't really heard much of VB. It seems a little out of it, whereas C# is a more used, and more powerful language. (Especially with SlimDX or XNA).

Probably, you would want to look at C# and Python (Prob'ly the two most recommended languages for beginners) and pick one you like. Then, get down to making small programs for a few months. Pick up the language. When you're comfortable with it, move onto graphics. Make a box move around the screen. Make pong. Make tetris. Make lots of little things, and move from there.

Not sure if that's what you're getting at, but hope it helps.

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Ow man thanks, that helped me a lot.

Where I can find a good C# book?
Can I use notepad++ for C# programming?

Thanks again comrade, you helped me a lot.

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I would recommend downloading Visual Studio 2010 Express (if you are on a Windows OS).

Visual Studio 2010 include the follow IDEs:
Visual C#,
Visual C++,
Visual Basic,
Visual F#

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Yes, you can write C# in Notepad++ but probably easier to go to Microsoft and look for Visual C# Express. It's free and fully functional for what you want to do.

The .NET framework family (C#, VB.NET et al) can be used to create games but actual game development is mainly done using C++. There should be an express edition of C++ available from MS as well. Do stay away from VB6 though.

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Here's what you need to know.

Programming Language = The person driving the car
API = The steering wheel that controls the car
SDK = The steering wheel, mounting bolts and instruction manual.

So you drive (Program) the car by using it's steering wheel (API) and you learn how to do it by using the bolts/instructions (SDK).

My advice would be to learn C#. I'm primarily a VB programmer (always have been) and I absolutely love using VB for application programming but most easy to use game engines/tool-kits use C# or some other simplified language (but hardly ever VB).

I really do recommend to start using a game engine right away and worry about learning how to program later as your motivation will be lifted by seeing noticeable results.

Try downloading Unity3D and run through the plat-former tutorial:

If you want to learn C# from an application perspective your best bet is Sam's Teach Yourself C# in 24 hours. It's really basic but it's a great entry level book.

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