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Getting started with xml with android development

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I started looking into android development and realized how little I knew of xml. I picked up a book on android development and for the most part I get the basics of xml and some of the features of the platform but some things still confuse me and that is why I came hear for help.

1-XML issue-I understand that using xml is how you do the User Interface for the applications and games. I want to make sure i am understanding it right though. Here is an example.

<string name="app_name">ToDo List</string>
<string name = "add_new">add</string>

What i get from this is that there is a string called app_name and its value is ToDo List. Or did i get it completely backwards. I looked up the xml tutorial on the gamedev and it did help. This tutorials objective is loading resources from folders. Is that how you would do it with "add_new" and add?

2-How an android app works-When I used XNA I understood that the update and draw method were both being constantly updated. But in an example with a button being pressed and a counter being updated, i am not sure how that works. Is the application always being called? I am very new to application development.

Thanks for your help

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