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OGL Water Flicker Problem

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Hello! I am having a strange issue with my water implementation. When the camera moves the water "jitters". I have recorded this phenomenon in a high-quality video to best illustrate the issue.


I apologize, the video is ~50mb. It needed to be high enough quality to show whats happening.

The water is rendered as a large quad extending from (0, 5, 0) to (128, 5, 128). I have also tried rendering the water as 1x1 quads tiled from (0, 5, 0) to (128, 5, 128) but it produces the same result. It uses a GLSL shader to apply the bump-mapping, reflection, and Fresnel effects.

I have encountered issues EXACTLY the same as this, but they where solved by rendering many smaller quads rather than one super-quad. I have tried this but it did not fix it =(

Anyone know what could cause this? Thanks beforehand!

// Enable blending

// bind the shader

// bind the reflection frame-buffer
WaterShader->uniformTexture("waterReflection", 0);

// bind the normal-map
WaterShader->uniformTexture("waterNormalMap", 1);

// bind various variables
WaterShader->uniform("windowWidth", screenSize.x);
WaterShader->uniform("windowHeight", screenSize.y);
WaterShader->uniform("tile", 10.0f);
WaterShader->uniform("noiseFactor", 0.1f);
WaterShader->uniform("time", Timer::getInstance().getElapsedTime());
WaterShader->uniform("waterShininess", 50.0f);

// use the quad-tree to render as 1x1 quads (same result, but slower)
//RootNode->renderWater(true, WaterHeight);

// width, height, and waterLevel (defined elsewhere in my code)
f32 w = 128.0f;
f32 h = 128.0f;
f32 WaterHeight = 5.0f;

// render one "super-quad"

glVertex3f(0.0f, WaterHeight, 0.0f);
glVertex3f(w, WaterHeight, 0.0f);
glVertex3f(w, WaterHeight, h);
glVertex3f(0.0f, WaterHeight, h);


// disable the water reflection FBO and normal-map

// disable the shader

// disable blending

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looks like a z-fighting problem.

What is the distance to the camera?
What are your near and far plane settings?

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Thank you for the reply!

Its always something dumb and simple! After reading your post I changed my zNear from 0.0001f to 1.0f (no idea why it was that way anyways =/) and it solved my problem.

Thank you!

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