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[web] javascript IDEs

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As this is looking to take off in a huge way, I wanna get in early
What are some options?

Theres so many options, jetbrains,webbeans,visualstudio,eclipse, as well as in browsers themselves (chrome seems quite good esp for this)
Im downloading aptana ATM since someone recommended it on some site, but have no idea really hence my question

ta zed

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Hey Zed,

I had used Aptana Studio for a while, but there are better solutions(Eclipse+friends) out there.

Essentially, you will want to install the following stack:

1) Eclipse IDE 3.5 (a later version is available, but the apps below are known to work with 3.5, so upgrade at your own risk/headache. Past experience tells me, stick with what is prescribed as functional.)

2) Aptana Studio Plugin 3.0 (gives you the CSS/HTML/javascript support for Eclipse)

3) Eclipse PHP Development Tools (PDT) (debugging with PHP and other IDE goodies)

4) Eclipse Server Community Edition (CE) (haven't delved into this much yet, but it's like a LAMP/WAMP stack designed for PHP development)

5) msysgit (integration with git source control)

Eclipse is the basis for Aptana Studio, so getting used to either interface is a cinch.

Chrome's built-in development tools are fan-fscking-tastic, but Firefox+Firebug is still superior (watch out once Firebug comes native to Chrome!).

I've got a decent project on the go with the above setup, if you need some help drop me a line.

(I should sticky this on my blog, ha.)

- Peter

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