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Show games or show techniques

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Hi GameDev community

I read in a lot of places that I need a good education and a good portfolio to get an opportunity in the game industry.
So I made two 2D games using SFML and SDL, and one 3D game using Irrlicht.

Also I read that I must focus on a specific field, so I chose Artificial Intelligence.

In this area like the others (graphics, physics, gameplay, etc) there are differents techniques. What is the best way to show what I learned??

I thought two approaches:

1) I learn a technique (steering behaviors, pathfinding, etc) and immediately I must made a game that use THAT technique

strong point: I will have one COMPLETE game for each technique that I learn.

weak point: I will need too much time to make a game per technique.

2) I learn a technique and immediately I must made a LITTLE application showing that technique.

strong point: I will not need to much time to make a little application, so I will have more time to learn a new technique and then repeat the process.

weak point: Maybe the best proof that I learned a technique is to show a COMPLETE game showing the technique and not a simple application.

What do you think???

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It really depends on the individual technique you want to show off. For most things the important bit is proving that you understand the algorithm/model/etc. in question; whether that takes the form of a real game or just a simple demo app is pretty much up to you.

I would suggest striking a balance between simple demos that highlight your toolbox of techniques and skills, and a couple of decent-sized, very well polished games that show you know how to apply the technology to the gaming field. That should serve you fairly well.

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I agree with you, maybe I can follow this process:

- Learn a technique.
- Code a simple application.
- Upload the application to my portfolio and the source code too.
- Repeat the process.

And some times when I find a good game idea, I can join some learned techniques and make a game with that.

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