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YoungKee Shon

How can I capture voice data from microphone with SlimDX?

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I'm a newbie in the SlimDX.

My planned application is a very simple voice chat with C#.

It will send voice data captured from the microphone and transmit it in UDP packets.
The remote party receives the data and outs it to (default) PC speaker.

There is no detail API descriptions in the document of SlimDX.
I could find some sample code written in the (old?) DirectX API, but the APIs are somewhat different from SlimDX.

I know well about socket programming.
Just What I want to know is,
- How can I capture voice data from the microphone and send it repeatedly in socket send while loop?
- How can I receive the data and put the received data repeatedly out to speaker?
written in C# code with SlimDX APIs.

The waveformat can I guess is below:

SlimDX.Multimedia.WaveFormat waveFormat = new SlimDX.Multimedia.WaveFormat();
waveFormat.FormatTag = WaveFormatTag.Pcm;
waveFormat.Channels = 1; // mono
waveFormat.BitsPerSample = 16; // 16-bit
waveFormat.SamplesPerSecond = 22050;
waveFormat.BlockAlignment = (Int16)(_waveFormat.Channels * waveFormat.BitsPerSample / 8);
waveFormat.AverageBytesPerSecond = _waveFormat.BlockAlignment * waveFormat.SamplesPerSecond;

Any sample code will be great appreciated!

YoungKee Shon

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Well, you're on the right track. Don't use DirectSoundCapture, because it's been deprecated and is not that well supported on Vista and later. Use the old Windows 3.x era multimedia API, which is what you're looking at. It's sad, but this is what things have come to.

The documentation is here:

There's a good practical example here:

You might also consider letting someone else do the dirty work:

Good luck.

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