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Collada skinning implement

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hi guys

I am trying to implement skinning with Collada,here is the source code,

http://18ejdq.blu.livefilestore.com/y1p ... oad&psid=1
http://cid-2f2a55eaad2be759.office.live ... ollada.rar

I have read influence joints and skinning weights and bind pose matrices,

in the file AnimationMesh.cpp,Render function I try to do skinning

here are steps how I skin

1st. get right matrix for each bone's final matrix

for each bones
boneMatrix[BoneID] = BoneWorldTransform*BoneBindPoseMatrix;

for each drawing primitive index vertex
for each influence bone index
transform vertex position by influence boneMatrix and multiply skinning weight

render all vertex with new position

but the result is totally wrong even I just apply bind pose matrix,it still wrong...

can someone please tell me which step is wrong?thanks.

I also posted in Collada Forum(there is code segments here)


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Search this website (using the search box in the upper-righthand corner of this page). There are a couple of discussions on collada format implementations, at least one in detail.

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