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Exporting PSD to sprite sheets

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I've been using photoshop scripts to convert my photoshop animation files into sprite sheets. Some of the features I needed like duration of frame and loop settings were not accessible so I decided I would convert my script into a plug-in. From what I can gather, plug-ins have even more limitations(can't open psd files amongst other stuff)

So now I'm looking at using a lib. I tried ImageMagick but so far I'm pretty unsuccessful. And haven't had much help from their forums.

I was wondering if anyone had experience with this and could direct me on a good path.

This is the structure of my data.

PSD file = One Animation
-Layer called "pivot" is the pivot point of my sprite
-folder called "animation" has multiple layers that are either hidden of visible depending on where we are on the timeline.

My script opens all the PSD files in a certain folder. Takes every frame of the animations and puts them into a sprite sheet. Generates an xml file that my game engine can use for the animation data.

I would greatly appreciate any help! I've spent countless hours on this issue and I'm pretty much back to square 1.

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FreeImage will open PSD files, although I haven't tried it. It has calls for dealing with what it refers to as "multipage" bitmaps which I would imagine is how it handles layers.

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