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animation time problem

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i have this code from a book

///secsPerCnt = 1.0f / (float)cntsPerSec;

void cTimer::UpdateTimer(void)
prevTime = currentTime;
presentTime = ((float)currentTime.QuadPart - (float)prevTime.QuadPart) / cntsPerSec.QuadPart;

frameTime = presentTime;

i updatetimer once per loop through the main loop.
and multply all movement by frametime .

but its not smoothing it out , any ideas were its going wrong please

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first, don't cast to floats.... there is a reason it uses doubles (it needs the extra precision because this is a high precision timer.

Make prevTime,currentTime,presentTime all doubles and see if that helps at all. Otherwise it is fine.

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you need to cast to double.

/* Here is how a simple use of queryperformanceCounter works */

/* Timer.h */

class Timer

LARGE_INTEGER frequency;


Timer() { QueryPerformanceFrequency(&frequency); QueryPerformanceCounter(&newTime); };
double Update();

/* Timer.cpp */

double Timer::Update()
prevTime = newTime;


return static_cast<double>(newTime.QuadPart - prevTime.QuadPart) / static_cast<double>(frequency.QuadPart);

/* in your prgram use the timer like so */

// create a timer
Timer* timer = new Timer();
double delta;

// each frame call update on the timer
delta = timer->Update();

// then to updat your objects move ments do it like so
objectX += objectVelocity * delta;

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