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SpaceBuilders is freeware/public domain a 2d space building/management/shooter game made by me and nawi.

Basic info from readme:
SpaceBuilders - Beta 0.6
by Metalfusion and nawi

Build a ship out of modular parts. When the game starts, the game is in the editor mode. Finish your ship, and remember to bind your thrusters and weapons to different keys. Make sure that the ship has enough energy generators and battery storages. Remember to build sufficient armor against enemy fire.

Quick tips to get started:
-You can edit resolution and other settings in data/config.txt <<----- IMPORTANT
-"Disable editor" closes the ship editor window and starts the game
-Press F1 to show controls
-Mouse buttons 1,2, and wheel click are used in editor.
-Mouse wheel click removes the selected part
-To add a part, move it to a proper place and rotate using right mouse button. When the part is colored, you can add it.

Known issues:
-Beams glitch sometimes
-Weapons are not yet well balanced

GPL 2.0 / Public domain / CC Attribution 2.5



Download from google docs (3MB)

[Edited by - Metalfusion on July 18, 2010 12:35:28 PM]

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That's one hell of a concept! This could become a really great game, actually.
I have a concept that is remotely similar to yours.

Did you do the GUI yourself?
I must admit though the graphics look simple, I like the style.
Just the gui's a little too bright and perhaps, a bit compressed and 'glitchy'

That aside, I'm sure you'll have a really awesome game soon.
As of now it plays fine, I think!

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Looks pretty awesome :).

EDIT: Spammy signature removed. -jbadams

[Edited by - jbadams on July 15, 2010 8:04:59 AM]

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This is an awesome game, but it has a major and annoying bug: the main GUI windows can be moved out of the window (because the captured mouse). And if the titlebar gets of screen, you will never be able to drag the window back.

The resolution of the window is annoying too: I have 1280*1024 screen resolution, the window hardly fits in that, the taskbar needs to be hidden, or put to background.

Apart from that, it's a great concept, and seems fun to play.

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That looks really cool, however the download link seems to be broken so I can't test it out.

I've been working for a similar game for some time but I guess you beat me to it. Kind of ironic that we live in the same city :P

Would definitely like to hear more about this.

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I have re-uploaded the beta as servut.us will be down for a few days.
You can get it from here:

SpaceBuilders 0.6

And szecs: Resolution and some other settings can be adjusted from data/config.txt
I'll limit the GUI windows movement in the next version.

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