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XNA - Starter Books

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i want to start making some small 2d games with the use of XNA and depending on how it goes, start with some basic 3d concepts. Thus, I thought it would be best to buy a book, but there is a series amount of books out there and truthfully i have no idea which to choose.

As for myself, I know C#, basic university math and I am a decent programmer. The only games i programmed so far were a pong clone in c++ with directx like 5 years ago, a snake with gdi and space invader clone with WPF. Thus, i am definitely lacking knowledge and experience with making games.

Now the questions arises, which book should I buy?

thx for any suggestions

PS.: If I should have missed an already existing topic about this, I am sorry, i couldn't find any via search.

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If you are already familiar with DX and C# you might not need a book? Just go through the C# tutorials again to make sure you're up to date on all the language concepts, and use the XNA tutorials to get up to speed.

XNA is not that complicated.

You have the Game class, which gets subclassed into the Game1 class for you to modify (basically, like a hub that calls your update and draw functions), and beyond that, the input, drawing, and sound functions are few, and straight forward.

You want to play a sound? Call PlaySound, you want to get the status of the keyboard? Keyboard.GetKeyState();

Drawing is a bit more complicated. But It's just a matter of setting up the proper render states, and then drawing your sprites, or models.

Drawing 2D is very simple with the sprite batch class. You just send it everything you want it to draw, and the class takes care of ordering, optimizing, and drawing it all.

The Riemer's series of tutorials will take you all the way through that. As will the Education section on the creators.xna.com site.

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