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Shawn Myers


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Hey all, I’ve been working on a puzzle/card game for quite some time now. It is getting close to being finished, so I thought I would start a little bit of publicity amongst the ‘nerds’ before taking it hardcore with the ‘public’.

An evil curse has gnashed a great wound into the four sacred elements. You have been set in place by the ancients to tend to these elements and restore the equilibrium of the world. Succeed in your task, and peace will fill the Earth. Fail, and all will delve into an endless darkness. Girdle your loins and steady your hand, the game begins here.

Didgery is a casual card/puzzler game in which the player forms chains of cards to restore harmony into the elements before the Earth descends into Hell. Larger chains results in more harmony instilled back into the elements, as well as some cooler effects :] If you play well you might just unlock some of the special cards, or uncover bits and pieces of Didgery’s story. The rules are explained a bit more on my IndieDB page.

">Here is a teaser trailer of sorts.

In-game screen:

I have a website and DevBlog if anyone is interested.

I plan to release this onto XBLIG sometime in August (most likely late August the way things are moving.) Wish me luck!

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