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boost spirit error handling

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I'm trying to provide some error handling to my parser. As in the example here, I use qi::on_error. However, the error handling function is never called:

namespace detail

struct errorMessageImpl
template <typename Logger, typename String, typename It>
struct result { typedef void type; };

template <typename Logger, typename String, typename It>
void operator()(Logger *logger, const String& filename, It it) const
logger->log(error::Message::missingMainFunction(Position(filename, it.get_position().line, it.get_position().column)));

boost::phoenix::function<errorMessageImpl> errorMessage;


template <typename Iterator>
struct Grammar : qi::grammar<Iterator, cst::Function(), ascii::space_type>
Grammar(const std::string& filename, error::Logger& errorLogger)
: Grammar::base_type(function, "function")
identifier %= inputPos >> qi::lexeme[qi::char_("a-zA-Z_") >> *qi::char_("a-zA-Z0-9_")];
returnType %= qi::lit("void");
function %= identifier > '(' > ')' > "->" > returnType > '{' > '}' > qi::eoi;

detail::errorMessage(&errorLogger, filename, qi::labels::_3)

qi::rule<Iterator, cst::Identifier(), ascii::space_type> identifier;
qi::rule<Iterator, void(), ascii::space_type> returnType;
qi::rule<Iterator, cst::Function(), ascii::space_type> function;

boost::optional<Function> parseFile(InputStream& is, error::Logger& logger)
typedef std::vector<char> Source;
Source source;

source.assign(std::istreambuf_iterator<char>(is.stream()), std::istreambuf_iterator<char>());

typedef boost::spirit::classic::position_iterator<Source::const_iterator, boost::spirit::classic::file_position> PosIterator;

using boost::spirit::ascii::space;
PosIterator iter(source.begin(), source.end(), is.file());
PosIterator end;

typedef rask::cst::Grammar<PosIterator> Grammar;
Grammar grammar(is.file(), logger);
cst::Function function;

bool r = boost::spirit::qi::phrase_parse(iter, end, grammar, space, function);

if (r && iter == end)
return function;

return boost::none;

Even if I replace returnType with function, the error handler is still not called.
Has anyone had a similar problem and know a solution?

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