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Pixel shader, appliing on entire screen

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I dont know if somebody had done this ever... maybe I wont give clear question...

I have a small pixelshader function, which distorts the screen (manipulating the output .u, .v coordinates). Lets imagine I have a "glasses" wrapped to a "window" looking a player through.

In 2D, I successfully did this. In other words, I have a "backroundTexture" variable. If this is 0, I want to apply this PS to the backbuffer, if not 0, I have a normal texture to apply to this. It worked, and only good for total 2D purposes:

- backgroundTex = target textures (IDirect3DTexture8) turn Z buffering off
- SetVertexShader (D3DFVF_XYZRHW or D3DFVF_TEX2)
- SetTexture (0, BackgroundTexture)
- SetTexture (1, BumpmapTexture)
- SetStreamSource (0, BumpVertex) [bumpvertex is {p: TD3DXVector4; u1,v1,u2,v2 : float;}
- SetPixelShader (compiled PS)
- DrawPrimitive draw the texture+pshader
- SetTeture 0,1, NULL
- Enabling Z buffer

here's the PS routine, if somebody is interested in:
sampler2D input0 : register(s0);
sampler2D input1 : register(s1);
float4 main(float4 uv : TEXCOORD0, float4 uv2 : TEXCOORD1) : COLOR
float4 Color = tex2D(input1, uv2.xy);
uv2.x = uv.x + Color.r - 0.5;
uv2.y = uv.y + Color.g - 0.5;
return tex2D(input0, uv2.xy);

well that's OK. Works, but now I want to distort not a specific texture, but a backbuffer. I know, backbuffer is a "surface" and not texture.
Somehow I should copy the backbuffer and make a texture from it. And also I should think of the stencil buffer.

How to solve this all? Any idea please?

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You don't apply it to the back buffer. What you do is create a back buffer sized render target. Render your scene to that instead of the back buffer. You can then use that render target as the texture input to your shader.

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