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SoftPixel Engine (now with Direct3D11)

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A few weeks ago I released the SoftPixel Engine v.2.0 which finally also have a VisualC++ support.
There are project files of the engine and four new tutorials for VisualStudio 9 (2008), Code::Blocks and DevC++.
Here you have a short overview about the most important features:

- Renderer independent: OpenGL 1.1 - 2.0, Direct3D9, Direct3D11, SoftwareRenderer
- Platform independent: Windows, GNU/Linux
- Integrated subsystems: SoundSystem, NetworkSystem
- Integrated collision detection and picking system
- Integrated lightmap generator and model combiner
- Wrappers for BlitzBasic and PureBasic
- Many texture formats: RGBA, BGRA, Depth textures, 1D, 2D, 3D etc.
- LOD (level-of-detail) meshes and terrains
- GNU C++ & VisualC++ support
- Well documented API
- Forum with fast support

The next release version will have two new video drivers: a Dummy (null device for debugging) and a Direct3D11 video driver!
Maybe I can create a tutorial with tessellation for the SPE 2.1 :D

Please check out the new tutorials. I hope with the VisualC++ support the users and members in the Forum will grow :-)

Kind regards,

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Today I published the SoftPixel Engine 2.1 final release.
There are two new tutorials: "ShaderLibrary" and "Tessellation".
Please have a look at it =)

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