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Pthread Multiple Wait Objects

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Hi, I've just started to work with pthreads while porting my simple job system to Linux and I've run into a small problem. I'm trying to wait for either a semaphore (mutex + condition in pthread), or another just basic mutex + condition.

Using the Win32 API I solved it like this:

HANDLE handles[2] = { thread->semaphore, thread->status_event };
WaitForMultipleObjects(sizeof(handles) / sizeof(handles[0]), FALSE, INFINITE);

The semaphore is used by the worker threads to see if there is any available work in the queue. The status event is used to terminate the thread when we're exiting.

I think it should be an easy fix, however I couldn't come up with one that had the same results as the Win32 solution. :-
It seems you can only wait on one condition at a time? It could be solved with a timed wait and a loop, but that wastes cpu cycles. I'd like a real idle wait solution like in Win32.


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Why use two handles?

Have one handle or semaphore or similar. If shutting down, first set some flag, then notify workers.

Workers must handle spurious wake ups anyway.

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