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Problem with simultaneous collisions and joints(hinge, wheel)

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I'm making my own physics engine.
I have done:
- Collision detection using OBB trees
- Collision response based on impulse method
I can drop few objects on terrain or something and they are bouncing and rotating in realistic way.
I have a problem with simultaneous collisions between objects. When more than two objects are colliding they start to intersect, especially when I put few objects aheap.

Another thing is how to implement joints?
I want to make for example a car with turning wheels or door with hinge. My engine can simulate motion of car and wheels separately - when I put a wheel or ball on the slope, the friction force causes the angular momentum of the wheel and the wheel starts to turn. I'm wondering how to attach wheels to the car, so that they would turn when the car is moving.

I found site:

There's a good explanation of joints but I still don't know how to implement it.
Should I calculate linear and angular velocities of the objects connected with the joint first and then put it together? And how to put it together, so that the objects won't separate and fly away?

Sorry for my english (I hope you understand me ;)).

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