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Release: Deft -- a free, online FPJ for Windows and Mac

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THE NARDIAH WALL - thousand-section fortress in the fabric of space-time itself...

Last remaining relic of a long-dead aetheric empire, constructed at its farthest frontier to confound forgotten foes.

Now, although some primitive defences remain, astral-dreaming jumpers - the deft - gather to race along its ruined walkways.


First person jumper! The first game I've released in a year, and one I'm pretty happy with :)


- Online (massively) multiplayer, through the cunning use of ghosts; a fine way to neatly sidestep the usual requirement that you build up a community so players will be online at the same time :)

- 1001 beautiful levels (all loving handcrafted with top secret fractal compression applied ;))

- Over 60% of the levels already have ghosts, thanks to my brave and intrepid trailblazing betajumpers! So while there's plenty of great racing to be had there's also lots of opportunity for even brand new players to set some records.

- Juicy cel-shaded goodness

- Pure-as-snow gameplay to appeal to hardcore or casual gamers

- Addictive as crack. Seriously; try both and report back.

- Multiple play modes. Obsess on a single section of wall to beat (and replace) that pesky ghost, or blaze your own path through the phasespace!

- Ghosts include the current record, previous records and your previous lives

- Deft Web News integrated with the Jumper's Lounge


" target="_blank">Intro and gameplay (YouTube) -- From an early Beta; some things are slightly different now!


- Configurable, default is WASD or cursor keys, with space to jump

- Press Escape in-game to pause/restart level/switch play mode/hitch a ride with the record holder ghost, or return to the Jumper's Lounge

Get it:

Windows build (8Mb RAR)
Mac build (13Mb RAR)


More info:

Gotcha covered right here - including bonus anti-Apple rant!


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I had some issues with this game:
- Mouse sensitivity was through the roof - had to change it so I could look around properly.
- The cell-shaded borders on the blocks sometimes don't show up, so it gets hard to distinguish where a block begins/ends since they're all the same colour.
- You sometimes have to jump kinda early otherwise it feels like it responds late and you just fall down.

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jyk, thank you very much :)

Mybowlcut, many thanks; I'll stick mouse sensitivity customisation on The List. Could you possibly let me know your graphics card?

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