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[C#] Changing cameras, setting shared parameters and game components.

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When drawing objects I set all the shared parameters for the current active camera once:

public void SetSharedParameters(Camera camera)
int backBufferWidth = graphicsDevice.PresentationParameters.BackBufferWidth;
int backBufferHeight = graphicsDevice.PresentationParameters.BackBufferHeight;

Vector2 halfPixel = new Vector2();
halfPixel.X = 1.0f / graphicsDevice.Viewport.Width;
halfPixel.Y = -1.0f / graphicsDevice.Viewport.Height;

//Vector2 halfTexel = new Vector2();
//halfTexel.X = 0.5f / backBufferWidth;
//halfTexel.Y = 0.5f / backBufferHeight;


If the active camera changes then the shared parameters are updated:

public Camera ActiveCamera
get { return activeCamera; }

This works fine until I come to batch drawing objects. Take for example my shaped drawer:

private void FlushDrawing()
if (IndexCount > 0)
vertexBuffer.SetData(Vertices, 0, VertexCount, SetDataOptions.Discard);
indexBuffer.SetData(Indices, 0, IndexCount, SetDataOptions.Discard);

GraphicsDevice.Vertices[0].SetSource(vertexBuffer, 0, VertexPositionColor.SizeInBytes);
GraphicsDevice.Indices = indexBuffer;
GraphicsDevice.VertexDeclaration = game.VertexDeclarations["VertexPositionColor"];


GraphicsDevice.DrawIndexedPrimitives(PrimitiveType.LineList, 0, 0, VertexCount, 0, IndexCount / 2);


IndexCount = 0;
VertexCount = 0;

I have to call FlushDrawing() each time the camera changes, as all vertices are stored in one array.

This leads to complications when using Game Components as they are drawn automatically. I realise that I can set them to Visible = false and call the Draw() method when I like but I'm still not happy with this camera set up.

Has anybody got any suggestions for this area?

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