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Big Journey to Home (turn-based logical game)

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English name: Big Journey to Home
Editor: Game Maker 8
License type: Uncommercial
Languages: English, Russian
Done by: 15%
Web site: http://bjth.tk/
Development time: 05.07.10-01.10.10 (approximately)
Hello, people! I'd like to tell you about a project I recently started. It's a turn-based logical game. You must think every move trough. Until you move, no monster will ever move. Try to play the demo-version and try the first two levels!

Middle ages. His name is Jake. He lives in a house not far from the forest. Once he went in that forest and got lost. Don't know how he made it, but he made it to the depths of forest to meet me. I knew he'd come. I know that big adventures await him... But whether he will survive or not, that depends on him only.

Ready by now:
- The main character and his sword (which can only be used a limited amount of times)
- Bonus to add sword usage times
- Doors which can be opened with orbs or buttons
- Doors which can be opened when there are no monsters in the room
- Buttons themselves
- Force arrows, which will not let you go against their direction
- Roaches (Monsters, pretty clever, check their cleverness in the demo)
- Saving the game in specific spots (Checkpoints)
- Lava - like pits, except for monsters who don't die in pits will die on lava
- Dialog system
- Trapdoors which fall in pits when you leave them
- Pits, which certain monsters can fly above and certain monsters can fall into
- Orbs, like buttons but can be only hit with a sword
- Room editor

3 or 4 worlds with 5 to 10 levels with (theoretically) non-linear storyline.
Interesting storry
More enemies

We need:
- Painters
- Betatesters
- Storywriters

Screenshots and video:

">Video #1

Download demo:PC|Mac|Linux (0.1.2)

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Looks neat, but it seems like this is a recruitment thread. If so, you should move it to the Help Wanted forum where it fits best (and notice the mandatory posting template there).

Also, I'd suggest toning down your background tiles. They make it difficult to visually spot the game elements.

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