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Dmmerung Project - 2D RPG Game for PC

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Hello. I've been developing a game engine (using XNA and C#) and decided to put it for some good use. This is not my first project, but it's my first official. I'm developing a 2D RPG Game, with fast-paced battle system and story depth. So far, the game engine is almost complete (since it was done using my previous engine) and I've started to post some stuff from the game in a Blog.

Concerning the story, the prologue is almost done as well. And the RPG systems are pretty much done already.

I intend to put some videos soon, but there are many things to be posted yet.

The official blog is :

I'd put some screenshots here but we're still using dummy sprites since we don't have our own yet. (Except the mushroom-head main character that we'll change as soon as I get it right)

So far I'd like feedback on the soundtrack, as these are our first attempts and I think they're something, since no one in the team is a music composer.

Thanks in advance!

Prinny Kuh

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Nice project. I took a listen to your soundtracks and overall I thought they were good but seemed to be a bit messy as in multiple sounds were just blended in or dropped on top of each other...if that makes sense. For a while, I could bear it but I'm not sure if its for a whole walking, battle, shopping sequence. My favorite would have to be "Tears of a Fallen Soul"; although short it had a twilight feeling and would be better when heard looping. Wish you luck during development.

P.S: Was wondering what you are doing your HUD (GUI) art in...photoshop, adobe effects or something else maybe?

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Thanks for the Reply! We're still working on music, thanks for your feedback. About the HUD Art, it's all Adobe Photoshop. Sketches are usually done in MS-Paint though.

Another Update:

This time I'll be explaining how the Evolution System works: Eveything about the Orbit Chart.

Every form is a base for colour... every colour is the attribute of a form.

Thanks for the views and replies!

Frosty Chaotix a.k.a. Prinny Kuh


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