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Basic Kingdom! New MORPG! Join our forums!

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Hello everyone, I'm here to promote a new and upcoming OnRPG called Basic Kingdom!

What is Basic Kingdom?
Basic Kingdom is an mmorpg (massively multiplayer online roleplaying game) based on clan Player vs Player and domination combat. It's graphics and gameplay mechanics are rather basic, and the game has no unnecessary overcomplicated features. It is set in a world of struggle, where clans made up of different races must survive with the medieval tools and spells they have. It is a quest for resources to help maintain a stable stronghold to withstand attacks from enemy clans, and prepare for attacking enemy clans yourself. The world is vast and large, but unfortunately, the resources are not. Food, lumber, stone, coal, and other resources have all been used up, and now the remaining inhabitants of the land are waging war over the last of the scraps they can salvage.

The game is free to play, no purchase cost and no monthly fees. It's hack-n'-slash combat system ensures battles are won with player skill, strategy, and reaction time,as apposed to levels and numbers, unlike many other mmorpgs. Your character can be what ever you want him/her to be. Test your fully customizable characters against the strongest of foes, kill goblins, spy on enemy clans, or team up with some buddies and see if you have what it takes to slay a dragon.


We are very very far in development, we just need a networker to help us set up an online server, so we can put up a client for everyone to download and start connecting to play!

<b?Development Screenies :

Videos :

We do have A LOT more work done than shown, we're saving it for release, but you can catch some extra updates on the forum!

Please register today! We're trying to get a growing community, and several players 1-500 for alpha testing!
So please join our forums for a first look/chance to play our project!

We are still hiring if interested, you can check our post in the Help Wanted section!
Looking for
-Networker!!!(can use badumna or photon addon with Unity 3D Game engine, we have the software)
-Programmers (we have many, can use more)
-Writers (won't need you until beta)

Thank you!
BasicKingdom Management.

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