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Comments / Suggestions on Background Story.

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I am working on a game and currently in the process of testing and balancing a few things, before I publicly release an alpha test at my local Lan-Cafe.

As I work on the mechanics, I want to get some input on the general storyline and game setting. Not much is written in stone just yet.


Arbiters - You are an arbiter, a mortal capable of controlling the very elements of your planet, Enzora. Though you may think you are the only one of your kind, many exist. Born with the blood of the Gods, their spirits remain embedded deep within your being, every fiber of your body pulses with a great power; one that can be used for good, or evil. Your reason for existing is just one of the many mysteries shrouded by a deep fog, seek out the elder’s hidden throughout the world of Enzora and discover your past but be weary, your journey will bring you to many powerful allies and even greater foes. Good luck, young warrior.

Enzora - Enzora is your home world. A planet full of mysteries and full of many natural resources. It is rumored by many scholars that other worlds like Enzora exist, but no one can be sure. Enzora is home to many different geographical anomalies. The Earthy Grasslands of Terria, The vast oceans of Aguar, The Firey Volcanoes of Rim’s End and the Majestic Highlands of Eroa. Each kingdom ruled by an Aspect of an Ancient Elemental God, known as the Elder Gods.

The Four Elements and The Elemental Chamber – Enzora is separated by four different kingdoms. These kingdoms represent the four ancient elements that breath life into the planet. These elements, Earth, Wind, Water and Fire, are the fundamental building blocks of all life on Enzora. In order to keep balance over the lands, Each kingdom is ruled by an aspect, created in the image of the first generation Gods, known as the Khal’Uhtay.

Vhan-Khar: The Aspect of Earth

Aeria-Lynah: The Aspect of Water

Furi-Ghar: The Aspect of Fire

Mahi-Eyuh: The Aspect of Air

As an arbiter, you are part of an ancient race long extinct, capable of calling upon the powers of the Old Gods. You must figure out your past and learn to control your abilities.

As I said, not much is written, but this is the general idea that I would like to stick to, any direction or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Also, if you are interested- here is the website that has more information that may or may not be relevant to your opinions.


Thank you for your time!

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I think it sounds weird that you said "Good luck, young warrior." in the introduction. It makes the story sound detached, as if the warrior is contestant or a treasure hunter.

o Why is the warrior a warrior? What is the duty for that role?

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