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Extreme Blocks - 1.0 - First Game - 2010

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RPR-GDevelopment - 2010

Hello Everyone.

This is my first project in Allegro with C++.


Extreme Blocks is a Tetris clon with some features like a realistic backgrounds, that belongs to the beatiful country of Italy, and cities like Roma, Milan, Torino, Venezia.

With two gameplay modes, in the first mode the challenge it's beat all levels and reach to the biggest score possible, but you have to be careful because as you go beating each level, the speed and the initial blocks are changing. So be careful.

And the second mode of gameplay it's the practice mode, where you select how you wanna play, I mean, you select if the board have already blocks or not (remember if you select with blocks, they appear randomly), and you choose the speed with you want to play, so it's a perfect way for practice in the highest speed.

NOTE: * If you're a user of Windows Vista/7, please run the application
as administrator, otherwise will crash.
* Other information can you find in the readme.txt


At next, there is two screenshots for the game.

Main Menu

Level 4

And the page of the project: Extreme Blocks Project Page

You can find the installer for the game, the source code for Visual Cpp Express 2008 o Visual Studio 2008, and a General Source Code.

I hope that someone tell me what it's good and waht it's wrong on this project.

Thanks beforehand for the comments and feedbacks.

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Ahh.. The good old Tetris. I always fail at making Tetris. [smile]

I found some things to improve, like the pause function or the Space-Key (Should drop them to the bottom!)

but all in all you did great work!

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Thanks for the answer.

Yes, the space key is somethin that I have to work in the next release.

About the pause function, what it's the problem? For working on that in the next release.

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Anyone else has something to say about the game? Or the release is good in the parameters that I wanna present the game?

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