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GLSL multiple lights & for cycle

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Hi, I am trying to follow up my shader to n number of lights.
This is my idea, but unfortunately this doesn't work:

#define NUM_LIGHTS 2

varying vec3 VertexPosition;
varying vec3 NormalVector;
varying vec4 LightPosition[NUM_LIGHTS];
varying vec3 LightVector[NUM_LIGHTS];
varying vec4 AmbientGlobal;
varying vec4 Diffuse[NUM_LIGHTS];

int Face;
float NVdotLV;
float Distance;
vec4 Color;
float Attenuation;
float SpotCosCutoff;
float SpotEffect;

void PointLight(int i) {
Distance = length(LightVector);
SpotEffect = 1.0;
Attenuation = SpotEffect / (gl_LightSource.constantAttenuation +
gl_LightSource.linearAttenuation * Distance +
gl_LightSource.quadraticAttenuation * Distance * Distance);
Color += Attenuation * (Diffuse * NVdotLV);
void main() {
Face = -(1 - int(gl_FrontFacing) * 2);
Color = AmbientGlobal;
for(int i = 0; i < NUM_LIGHTS; i++) {
NVdotLV = dot(normalize(NormalVector) * Face, normalize(LightVector));
if(NVdotLV > 0.0) {
gl_FragColor = Color;

This way all lighted surfaces are red (color of first light). It looks like gl_LightSource doesn't accept variable i. Would anyone suggest some fix? I really don't want to make new function to every light.
I'm using Intel X4500.

Please help.
Thanks in advance.

[Edited by - Karmux on August 22, 2010 5:01:12 PM]

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You should use some other lighting technique. Such as deferred shading or blending. Using loops will cause your shader to use a lot of fragment operations (since loops are unrolled)

So if your shaders support two lights, the PointLight function will be inlined twice.

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