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Animation Controllers what to do next!

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Hi, here's some code I've written to perform some animations:


#include <iostream>
#include <d3d9.h>
#include <d3dx9.h>
#include <vector>

struct AnimFrame
D3DXMATRIX localTransMat;
D3DXMATRIX boneOffset;
std::vector<unsigned int> meshContainer;
struct AnimFrame* child;

extern AnimFrame upperRightArmFrame;
extern AnimFrame lowerRightArmFrame;


Sets up the struct and declares the anim frame globals with extern to prevent linker errors. I'm only animating two limbs for now.

The present animation recursive function:

void animate_arm_mesh(AnimFrame* frame, D3DXMATRIX* parent)
unsigned int i = 0;
D3DXMATRIX local = frame->localTransMat;
D3DXMATRIX combined;
D3DXMATRIX offsetInverse;
D3DXMATRIX offset = frame->boneOffset;
float doff = D3DXMatrixDeterminant(&frame->boneOffset);
D3DXMatrixInverse(&offsetInverse, &doff, &frame->boneOffset);


D3DXMatrixMultiply(&temp, &offsetInverse, &local);
D3DXMatrixMultiply(&temp, &temp, &offset);
D3DXMatrixMultiply(&combined, &temp, parent);


for(i = 0; i < frame->meshContainer.size(); i++)
currentPos.x = vertices[frame->meshContainer].X;
currentPos.y = vertices[frame->meshContainer].Y;
currentPos.z = vertices[frame->meshContainer].Z;
currentNormals.x = vertices[frame->meshContainer].NORMAL.x;
currentNormals.y = vertices[frame->meshContainer].NORMAL.y;
currentNormals.z = vertices[frame->meshContainer].NORMAL.z;

D3DXVec3TransformCoord(&newPos, ¤tPos, &combined);
D3DXVec3TransformNormal(&newNormals, ¤tNormals, &combined);

newVertices[frame->meshContainer].X = newPos.x;
newVertices[frame->meshContainer].Y = newPos.y;
newVertices[frame->meshContainer].Z = newPos.z;

newVertices[frame->meshContainer].NORMAL.x = newNormals.x;
newVertices[frame->meshContainer].NORMAL.y = newNormals.y;
newVertices[frame->meshContainer].NORMAL.z = newNormals.z;


AnimFrame* child = frame->child;

if(frame->child != NULL)
animate_arm_mesh(child, &combined);


VOID* pVoid;

v_buffer->Lock(0, 0, (void**)&pVoid, 0);
memcpy(pVoid, &newVertices[0], newVertices.size() * sizeof(CUSTOMVERTEX));


This loops through each limb starting at the designated parent. Performs arbitrary axis transformations (rotations only in this case) and updates the mesh container all in one. I know copying verts is bad but I've yet to implement a HLSL version of this that's for the future.

The code that calls it all:

D3DXMATRIX identity;
soldier.animate_arm_mesh(&upperRightArmFrame, &identity);

And the set poses function:

void set_poses(void)
D3DXMATRIX matRotate1;
D3DXMATRIX matRotate2;

axis.x = 0.0f; axis.y = 0.0f; axis.z = 1.0f;
D3DXMatrixRotationAxis(&matRotate1, &axis, 0.4);
upperRightArmFrame.localTransMat = matRotate1;

axis.x = 1.0f; axis.y = -1.0f; axis.z = 0.0f;
D3DXMatrixRotationAxis(&matRotate1, &axis, -1.571);
axis.x = 0.0f; axis.y = 0.0f; axis.z =1.0f;
D3DXMatrixRotationAxis(&matRotate2, &axis, 1.571);
D3DXMatrixMultiply(&matRotate2, &matRotate1, &matRotate2);
lowerRightArmFrame.localTransMat = matRotate2;


Now I don't expect *anyone* to gleam a damn thing from my source code as it isn't well explained enough in this topic but I reckon you can get a *feel* for what I'm doing.

Well I have two main questions:

1)Is what I've done above carped in some way or is it ok (for a rough start)? It produces proper results - but that's not the point I'm worried about efficiency and structuring.

2)How do I go about arranging all this professionally? Ok so I can animate. Big deal. What I want to know is how is it best to set-up your complete animation layout. Will I need a seperate class for controlling animations? I was thinking of one header file (or cpp file) with all the required poses pre-calced. An animation controller class could then acquire the current pose and slerp it to the next one. Is this a good idea?

Pretty vague topic really sorry. I just want some input on where to go from here. I can provide full source and resources to anyone interested through pm - use at your own risk! ;o) Thanks, *any* input appreciated.

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As it happens I've finally compiled and run someone else's engine. I'll be going with that instead - much better decision I think. Thanks anyway guys this topic can be deleted or locked cheers ;o)


Someone on another forum told me I'd be dumb to drop all the work I've done to date so ok I'll continue with this too and if I discover anything useful for other noobs I'll post it. WHy not I suppose.

[Edited by - adder_noir on August 26, 2010 7:58:25 AM]

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