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Borg ER-2 - FREE Sound Construction and Synthesis Tool

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Helooo GameDev forum!!

This is a sound effects generator I have been working on in my free time, it's pretty easy to use and only requires basic dsp knowledge like FM, AM, LOWPASS, HIGHPASS, if you don't know what these are or do, wikipedia or google will explain!

You may find this most usefull for space shooters and things like that but it really can generate any kind of sound you wish!! I have provided some sample sounds that where generated in the borg to show this!

I hope you find this usefull!! Please watch the youtube video as it explains how to use the software! All i ask is that if you make any sounds please upload the presets for others users to check out! :D


Here's a youtube video of it: (recomended watch)

Here's the download!!!

now for the boooring copy and paste stuff:

The borg doesnt respond well to laptop pads! only mice! sowwie x :P


This is a software sound synthesizer that features eight oscillators each containing a rich selection of wave shapes.

A lot of thought went into the interface, each turn dial has three speed settings to ease selection of values and the relationships between all eight oscillators allows complex sounds to be easily modelled, each oscillator can frequency modulate, amplitude modulate and add, subtract or multiply with another oscillator all at once. What I aimed to achieve in this project was an interface that was as powerful as a modular interface but without all of the dragging modules around and connecting wires which I believe that this can be destructive to a work process, I found that time was being assigned to maintaining a good visual appearance when designing sounds in a modular interface.

I also wanted to create an interface where you can see how your sound changes to different inputs and this is what the borg allows you to do, you can see the effects on the output sound wave every time you change a setting or turn a dial and you can also view each oscillators sound wave individually by selecting the oscillator.

All of this had to be achieved in a minimal interface that would not over complicate methods for the user by using too much un-necessary dsp jargon.

All of the filters and effects below the eight oscillators are applied per-oscillator depending on which oscillator you currently have selected, so for example each oscillator can have it's own low pass value applied to it.

I spent a lot of time optimizing the sound engine, none of the oscillators use floating point division making them super fast and they are all based from high quality wave tables that are generated when you start the synthesizer.

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